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StrongMulti Dredger / StrongMining Dredger

OrangePit’s StrongMulti Dredgers consist of a range of versatile dredging tools able to dredge in either suction or cuttersuction mode by adding or removing a cutter to a multifunctional dredging head. These multifunctional dredgers are used when multiple types of soils, or a soil mixture can be expected with sand winning purposes and for deepening or cleaning up canals, ponds, lakes and rivers. For deep suction applications our dredgers can be equipped with our submersible pumps.

Further our multifunctional StrongMining Dredger is listed under this section which is especially designed for alluvial mining activities in rivers ponds or lakes being equipped with a multifunctional dredging arm able to work in suction, cuttersuction, grab or rip mode.