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Often we visit dredging projects and immediately spot situations which can be improved based on our extensive hands on experience. Let us help you make more money by allowing us do a detailed project assessment for you anywhere around the world. We will take a neutral look at your operation and supply you with fresh and out of the box business solutions aiming to increase production, improve efficiency and reduce your cost.

We have translated our years of experience at dredging sites and pits into our own ‘PitScan’. We use this standardized approach to examine and clearly describe the unique characteristics and operational and maintenance possibilities of every pit. The combination of the exploitation and maintenance objectives of the pit makes every solution unique.

Once we have carried out our PitScan and outlined the wishes of the pit owner or contractor OrangePit puts together a unique ‘PitPlan’. This plan clarifies the possibilities and identifies where improvements can often still be achieved. Together with the clients, we aim to realize the optimal setting in investment and time.