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At OrangePit we build Dutch quality dredgers and workboats and can supply you with all equipment and services around dredging like:

  • StrongDredgers
  • StrongWorkboats
  • StrongPumps
  • StrongServices
  • StrongStaff


OrangePit is a collaboration of Dutch dredging specialists for contractors and pit owners. Many years of hands on experience have come together to form OrangePit. As specialist we have realised hundreds of dredging projects and have been involved in the design and construction of countless pieces of specialist dredging equipment.

In a market where equipment and people still make a difference, we control the process and together we realize your dredging solution anywhere around the globe. Our unique selling point lies in our many years of experience, flexibility and speed of acting with a ‘pit-specific’ approach. No two pits in the world are the same, so why settle for a general dredger or general approach?

Orange Pit’s team of Dutch specialists will come up with your dedicated pit solution; economical, practical, anywhere, always! Dutch Expertise for any dredging pit in the world. Have a look at our equipment range, custom equipment possibilities, dredging service and just contact us.

We will be glad to be of service!