Hopper Dredger

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers are a significant long-term investment. At OrangePit, we are committed to designing and building the most optimal and effective hopper dredger for you. We attentively listen to your needs and apply our extensive experience in working with these vessels, constantly improving and modernizing the onboard equipment.

We offer a range of services including concept design, product calculations, basic design, and new building management. Specializing in the design and supply of dredging equipment for hopper dredgers, our expertise extends from the draghead to the dredge pump, and to the hopper, incorporating separators and dry onloading equipment as necessary. Adding the feature of pumping ashore is another capability we provide.

Our focus at OrangePit is to optimize onboard equipment, not only for new vessels but also for existing ones, while always considering the return on investment. Will the investment be beneficial for you? Our key considerations are sustainability, compliance with local regulations, workability, and looking beyond the delivery of the vessel. From our perspective, a hopper dredger should be easy to operate, efficient to manage, and equipped with as many standard components as possible, rather than a multitude of specialized parts. Achieving this requires experience, which OrangePit can proudly offer