Maintenance Cutter Dredger

The articulated swing cutter dredgers are self-maneuvering, demountable dredgers mainly used for maintenance of canals, waterways, rivers, harbors, and small sand mining purposes. We have two types of maintenance dredgers; the compact swing and articulated ladder cutter dredger

The Compact Swing Cutter Dredger

This dredger has a fully welded body with two square pontoons positioned on each side. On top of the floaters are platforms with railings installed. The engine room is in the middle of the two pontoons, and the control room is in front of the engine room. The movement of the cutter head is both vertical and horizontal, which is accomplished by cylinders. In this manner, the cutter unit is capable of sweeping instead of moving the complete dredger. These cutter dredgers can be equipped with an electric or hydraulic cutter head which has cutting knives or teeth installed. The Swing dredger is easy to transport.

The Articulated Ladder Swing Dredger

The suction pipe swings and lowers hydraulically.  It comes standard with a cutter head and an optional water jet system. Because of the unique design, this dredger can be (dis-)assembled and transported easily in shipping containers or on trucks.  There are two walking spuds on the bow of the dredger. At the stern, there is a winch and optional possibility for a spud carrier. The spuds can be tilted, and the cabin top removed to get a low strike height above the water level to pass bridges.

We supply maintenance dredgers in a range from 5” to 16.”

Compact Swing Cutter Dredger Details

wdt_IDDescriptionMeasure8 / 2008 / 2508 / 3008 / 350
1Suction depth up to[m]8888
3Solid material*[m³/hr]109205295314
4Solid material*[ton/hr]191360515560
5Total power**[kW]195250435590
6Suction pipe Ø[mm]250300350400
7Delivery pipe Ø[mm]200250300350
8Spherical passage[mm]110160190185
9Cutter diamater[mm]6008009501100
10Cutter power[kW]355085100
11Side Winch cable Ø[mm]12121414
12Side winch power[ton]222.53
13Draft pontoons[m]

*Solid material = 70% < 2 mm 20% 2 – 32 mm 10% > 32 mm **Power = A-rating or Electric

wdt_IDDescription8 / 2008 / 2508 / 3008 / 350
2Spud carrierOptionOptionOptionOption
3Dredge controlOptionOptionOptionOption
4Cabin ACOptionOptionOptionOption

Compact Swing Cutter Dredger Design

  • Up to 100 Kw power
  • Up to 8m working depth
  • Up to Ø350 Delivery Pipe
  • Up to 314 m³/hr solid materials
  • Up to 560 ton/hr solid materials
Compact Swing Cutter Dredger Linedrawing

Compact Swing Cutter Dredger Options

  • Spuds
  • Spud Carrier
  • Dredge Control
  • Cabin AC
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen

Articulated Ladder Swing Dredger Details

wdt_IDDescriptionMeasure Delta 200  Delta 250  Delta 300 
1 Suction depth up to* [m]999
2 Mixture [m³/hr]125016002000
3 Solid material** [m³/hr]160205252
4 Solid material** [ton/hr]281360454
5 Total power [kW]275315370
6 Suction pipe Ø [mm]250250300
7 Delivery pipe Ø [mm]200250300
8 Spherical passage [mm]130160200
9 Cutter diamater [mm]800800950
10 Cutter power [kW]354045
11 Walking spuds [m]111111
12 Mooring cable Ø [mm]121212
13 Mooring winch power [ton]222
14 Draft depth pontoons [m]0.650.90.9
15 Dry weight [ton]343639
16 Dimensions pontoons [m] 15x5 15x5 15x6
17 Length pipe up LxW [m] 31x5 31x5 31x6

* Optional, deeper dredge depth depending to its environment ** Solid material = 70% < 2 mm 20% 2 – 32 mm 10% > 32 mm

wdt_IDDescription Delta 200  Delta 250  Delta 300 
1 Winches on the bow (2x) Option Option Option
2 Spud carrier Option Option Option
3 Water jet system Option Option Option
4 Luxury cabin, kitchen & AC Option Option Option
5 Dredge GPS system Option Option Option
6 Production measurement Non-R.A. Option Option Option

Articulated Ladder Cutter Dredger Design

  • Up to 45 Kw power
  • Up to 9m working depth
  • Up to Ø300 Delivery Pipe
  • Up to 252 m³/hr solid materials
  • Up to 454 ton/hr solid materials

Articulated Ladder Cutter Dredger Options

  • Winches on the Bow
  • Spud Carrier
  • Water Jet System
  • Luxury cabin, kitchen & AC
  • Dredge GPS system
  • Production measurement Non-R.A.