Services by OrangePit – Adding value to your project with Dutch experience and expertise

OrangePit is a full-service provider for the global dredging market. We do not just supply you with dredgers, workboats, or equipment. We also add valuable services to your operation, which will increase your production, improve your efficiency, and lower your cost.

If you need any advice on your dredging solution, dredging equipment, workboats, reclamation site, alluvial mining operation, or anything else dredging related, please contact us! We treasure our clients and will do whatever possible to add value to your projects.



OrangePit’s Staff department arranges specialist personnel for your project. Whether temporary or semi-permanent, our staffing solutions keep your equipment moving 24/7!

We can help you with the expatriation of dredging operators, technical staff, and even operational management based on your needs. So if you need an experienced team anywhere in the world, give us a call.



It is often possible to get more out of dredging equipment when you look at a project with new insights and a fresh eye. In multiple projects, we have been able to increase the productivity of the dredging equipment, often through relatively simple modifications after a quick site visit or a detailed project assessment. Thanks to our Dutch expertise and hands-on involvement in the construction of various dredgers and dredging solutions, we know better than anyone else where improvements in production can be made.

We can help you make detailed project budget calculations combining the available information on soils to be dredged, project conditions, equipment optimization, and logistic data in a comprehensive project budget calculation resulting in equipment advice, overall project cost, m3 rates, and more.


Ship Management

A dredger is a valuable asset and the tool for dredging activities. We know how to manage dredgers, both technically and financially. We like to keep things simple, administration is necessary but should not be a burden for people working on dredgers and onshore. Management is made closely with ISM, OH&S management and regulations and we know how to get this aligned with the company’s financial structure.

Maintenance is to be done in close cooperation with the crew on board and with shipyards and
subcontractors, where we have an extensive network. We are experienced in the implementation
and use of vessel management systems.

Equipment on dredgers is subject to wear which forms a major cost component. We know how to control this and how to design the best equipment to be used.