Suction Dredger

OrangePit’s Suction Dredgers rely on the suction capacity of our dredging pump to dredge up the material and pump it to a reclamation site, hopper barge, or sidecast location. Gathering production can be improved by adding water jets. Suction dredgers are mainly used for sand mining purposes and for deepening or cleaning up canals, ponds, lakes, and rivers. For deep suction applications, our dredgers can be equipped with our submersible pumps. Our dredger range can be powered electrically, hydraulically, by diesel fuel, or a combination of these.

We provide suction dredgers in sizes from 6” to 24.”

At OrangePit, we have several types of suction dredgers, dredgers with inboard pumps till a maximum dredging depth of 22 meters for easy road transport. We also have dredgers with submersible pumps and a standard dredging depth of 40 meters. We can also equip these dredgers with deep suction systems that allow for mining at depths of 50 and even 80 meters.

Suction Dredger Design

  • 1.240 Kw power
  • Up to 15m working depth
  • Up to Ø550 Delivery Pipe
  • Up to 771 m³/hr solid materials
  • Up to 1.350 ton/hr solid materials
Linedrawing Cutter Suction Dredger

Suction Dredger Options

  • Spuds
  • Spud Carrier
  • Dredge Control
  • Cabin AC*
  • Toilet*
  • Kitchen*

* Included with models 15/450 15/550

Cutter Suction Dredger