Gold Mining Dredger

OrangePit’s Gold Mining Dredger is a multifunctional tool designed specifically for alluvial mining activities in rivers ponds or lakes. It comes equipped with a multifunctional dredging arm able to work in suction, cutter suction, grab or rip mode. Dredged material can be pumped to a selection plant or disposed of in hopper barges for further handling elsewhere. The ability to change the dredging tools makes this dredger very useful in mixed soils or soil with interim hard layers.

wdt_IDDescriptionMeasure10 / 15010 / 20010 /25010 / 30010 / 350
1Excavator version suction depth up to[m]1010101010
3Solid material*[m³/hr]58109160244295
4Solid material*[ton/hr]101191281427517
5Total power**[kW]100185255425470
6Suction pipe Ø[mm]200200250300350
7Delivery pipe Ø[mm]150200250300350
8Spherical passage[mm]100110130150190
9Waterjet flow[m³/hr]100150200250250
10Waterjet pressure[bar]77778
11Cutter diameter[mm]350450550650700
12Dry weight pump unit[ton]
13Excavator weight[ton]1425347070
14Pump arm[m]CustomCustomCustomCustomCustom

*Solid material = 70% < 2 mm 20% 2 – 32 mm 10% > 32 mm **Power = A-rating or Electric

wdt_IDOptions10 / 15010 / 20010 / 25010 / 30010 / 350
3Spuds up to 12 meterOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
6Spud carrier up to 12 meterOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
7Mooring winchOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
17Automatic Dredge controlOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
18Cabine ACOptionOptionOptionOptionOption

Gold Mining Dredger Design

  • Up to 470 Kw power
  • Up to 10m working depth
  • Up to Ø350 Delivery Pipe
  • Up to 295 m³/hr solid materials
  • Up to 517 ton/hr solid materials
Gold Mining Dredger Linedrawing

Gold Mining Dredger Options

  • Spuds up to 12 meter
  • Spud Carrier up to 12 meter
  • Mooring Winch
  • Automatic Dredge Control
  • Cabin AC
  • Toilet
  • Powerpack
Gold Mining Dredger