Dredge Support Vessel

Dredge Support Vessels by OrangePit are typically heavy-duty dredging support vessels. Built from steel, they can assist in all your activities around the dredger and around general maritime work like towing, pushing, anchor-handling, buoy handling, crew transfers, survey (optional moonpool), and fuel/cargo transport.

The sturdy steel workboats are equipped with either single or dual inboard diesel engines with box cooler and fixed prop. Based on your specific requirements, we can design and build you any option you require, like specific anchor handling solutions,  dedicated fuel, and water bunkers, and dual knuckle-boom cranes. All workboats can be supplied with basic steering cabin or state of the art wheelhouse

 Our Support Vessels come with full classification and detailed documentation, completely outfitted to start work, and are built keeping in mind good seamanship, low and accessible maintenance, and ease of use.