Crew Boat / Pilot Boat / Survey Boat

The OrangePit Pilot and Survey boats are the result of our successful partnership with the Dutch Alunautic and Blue Spirit boats designs. Built out of aluminium or GRP with the highest craftsmanship. Based on your specific requirements combined with the successful proven designs, we can create and construct any option you require, such as inboard- or outboard propulsion, waterjet or sterndrive, diesel or electric. All options are possible.

The OrangePit Pilot and Survey boats are sturdy and versatile vessels built for all required marine work around your operations, including not only fast crew transfers and surveys (fixed moonpool installed), but towing and pushing are also possible.

Our Pilot and Survey specialties come with full classification and detailed documentation, completely outfitted to start work, and are built keeping in mind good seamanship, low and accessible maintenance, and ease of use.